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Property Management Division
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Licensed Property Management


The Real Estate Services Act requires that all individuals or companies who provide rental property management services, unless specifically exempted, obtain licensing.

Our office is staffed with a secretary/receptionist during regular office hours to answer all calls of concern or inquiry from rental property owners or tenants. After hour calls are handled by the property manager at his home office.

Ascertain what the rental property owner's goals and objectives are for the property, analyze existing conditions and then develop and implement a management plan to achieve the owner's short and long term objectives.

Maintain your investment and recommend ways to improve the appearance, safety and efficiency of your property.

Set up and maintain comprehensive and orderly records.

Negotiate maintenance and service contracts at best possible prices: Due to the local business connections we are able to realize savings.

Take actions necessary during emergency situations

Perform all administrative functions in an efficient and professional manner.

Communicate all information in a clear, timely and relevant manner.

Provide rental property owner with clear easily understood monthly financial statements.